Rithim Biologics®, Inc.

A Gene Therapy Company

    • Founded in March 2016, Rithim Biologics® is a privately held, early stage startup company developing gene therapies, delivery instruments, and kits to prevent/reduce tachyarrhythmias (fast heart rates) in humans.
    • Atrial Fibrillation (AF) affects 30 million people worldwide. 
    • AF is an abnormally fast, chaotic rhythm which can be debilitating.  It compromises blood flow to the body increasing the risks for stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and death.
    • AF develops soon after a cardiac surgery procedure in approximately 30-40% of patients.  This is referred to as Post-Operative AF or POAF.1,2 
    • Approximately 1.2 M patients undergo CABG and/or heart valve surgeries annually in the world.3,4
    • POAF delays a patient’s hospital discharge by an average of 2 days at an additional cost of $ 16,000.  
    • POAF adds an additional annual healthcare burden of approximately $ 3 B in the US and $ 7 B in the world.
    • Utilizing gene therapies, our initial efforts are targeting POAF. 

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